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Welcome to SimpleRemedies.net. We are a team of people that decided there were not enough resources on the web to cover all of the common ailments that people have. We care about people and what happens to them so we decided to make the world a better place by collecting this information in easy to read formats and posting it in one place. We want to help people ease their suffering and pain. We hope the information on our website is useful and makes a difference in your life. Please reach out to us with any suggestions or feedback. We’re always interested in what our users have to say.

Who Are We?

Corey Walden

I was never a first string athlete. I never had a six pack. I was never actually all that healthy. I’ve suffered terrible insomnia for more than ten years on top of what could be at times debilitating chronic fatigue even when I did sleep well for a period. I spent three years in high school where my digestive system was in severe pain and made me sick at least six days a week. Even as a kid I was overweight. I had chronic back pain and numerous injuries mostly seen in the older population. As I ventured from high school into adulthood my mobility and metabolism declined together. I have spent most of my life being anything but a picture of health.

After a while you get used to being unhealthy; sometimes you may barely even notice. But at some point you just have to realize how much of your life you are missing and how much harder your daily life is because of your health. How much less happy you are than you could be. Missed opportunities. Just like so many other people dealing with these same problems, most of America in fact, I tried so many things but if nothing else, in today’s busy Western lifestyle of work and school, I seldom made much progress returning to health for any period of time. Stuck in the morass of work, school and family I was only motivated more. But, motivation wasn’t enough by itself.

I had spent twelve years playing soccer as a kid through to high school, high school rugby and always loved riding my bike. But I had always been an overweight child and when I started college the hectic schedule of life caused twenty pounds of fat gain in the first year. Bad food and inactivity just made things worse. Finally I made a push for health with taking up yoga and Taekwondo. My mobility was improving, I was getting more fit and I felt better than ever!

But all good things come to an end it seemed…I blocked hard into a round kick in a tournament and fractured my right ulna through and through. The break wasn’t too bad, with a clean heal after about three or four months, but the fiberglass cast was like a heater on my arm. I tried working out but just couldn’t deal with the heat from the cast, already quite intolerant to heat. Once it was finally healed exercise resumed but the demands of life caught up with me yet again. I own a small marketing company, which at the time needed my full attention for a period of serious growth and expansion. Between the fracture and my time focusing so entirely on my business I gained another thirty pounds.

In the same period my father was at the end of a long period of nightly ice cream binges and ignoring me telling him he had angina and by that, heart disease. Some months later he finally went in for an exam because he was getting dizzy just pushing a lawn mower or doing other minorly exerting tasks. Going in for an angiogram and a stint likely to follow they found 99%, 97% and 89% blockages in three of the blood vessels connected to the heart. In just a few months he would have been dead. The next morning he went in for an emergency triple bypass. He’s still alive and well today, with a much improved diet and exercise regimen. But he still has serious heart disease and what will probably be a lifetime cocktail of medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health variables.

Your diet, your physical activity and your overall lifestyle is often what determines whether you live healthily without medicine and surgery to ninety, or succumb to a heart attack at forty. I was obese, pre-hypertensive at 130/80, and my HDL had plummeted. I was at a turning point. I knew that if the focus of my life did not become my health, I was going to lose ten years of my life or more, with pain, discomfort and without the mobility that would let me do things I love like hiking and cycling. I was heading towards very likely heart attacks, diabetes and other equally threatening parting gifts from my inadequate lifestyle. The time for half measures was over.

Marking is a trade I take some enjoyment in, but I knew it was never my passion or the career path I really wanted to pursue. I started my own studies across academic journals, articles, textbooks I bought online and other sources. With serious dire consequences looming from this trend in my health it was an opportunity and necessity at the same time. I knew a lot of what I needed to do, but this is not always enough by itself. I enrolled at NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) to really take my education to the next level, force myself into the gym under the tutelage of some seriously talented trainers (the obligation and consistency was hugely important) and get my certification so that my career could be my health. At NPTI I learned many of the components I needed to fix myself; to work myself back to health.

The fact is, I was sick. Our nation is sick. Our whole culture is sick from processed foods, chemical exposure in every daily setting and a life of sitting in a car or at a computer. Our lives are hectic and busy, between school, work, kids, or all of the above and more. In a society built on unhealthy foundations and such limited schedules in our modern lifestyles, it does take so much to combat these health problems, let alone reverse them. The fact is what really takes all the time in getting healthy is figuring out what to do and how! Once you actually know, and make it an enjoyable habit it just flows like any other part of your day. In our industry, and many others actually, there is so much new information to sift through that we try to find ‘connectors’ that have gone through this information themselves, and help you find out what you need to know. That is what I want to be for all of you. I have spent endless hours over the years researching textbooks, studies, academic journals, and hundreds of hours in the classroom. I want to bring this knowledge and experience to you and your busy lives as easily as possible to help heal these ills and help you actually realize health.

The fact is not everyone can change their career, but there is still no reason not to thrive in a culture of plenty, even during such hard economic times. Its time to end being in pain, being uncomfortable, and losing part of your own life. The fact is it’s an example to your children, its time you can spend with your children, and its the health you give your children to start their lives with. In six months at NPTI where I was only working out about 1-1.5 times on average per week, and workouts that were lessons instead of individually targeted and designed workouts for what my body and health needed, and yet I made life changing progress. In those six months I actually gained 20 pounds, but it was all muscle! I dropped from considerable obesity at around 32-35% bodyfat down to around 25%! My resting heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol were all heading in a much better direction too, and above all my energy was so much better! I fixed some terribly painful imbalances (especially in my hip back and foot), found myself much happier and more willing to exercise, and was overall in far better health. I’m still not out of the woods, as it were, but my life has been drastically changed for the better.

These changes were made with six months of exercise that weren’t even tailored to my needs and was only about once a week. Why this is so exciting for me is that if some one gives me two or three days a week for six months or less I know I can drastically change their life for the better, and teach them how to keep going for the rest of their lives. Train with me and we can make your life better.


My undergraduate education was a Bachelors of Science at Portland State University.

I studied at the National Personal Training Institute, a 500 hour comprehensive lecture and practical education in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, posture analysis and exercise sciences.

My certification for personal training is through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

My focus of study is in corrective exercises, metabolism and hormone function, and integrated health nutrition.


Robert Walden

Robert maintains the website and networks with other health related websites and professionals. He has a background in Marketing and IT. He has two sons and is married to his wonderful wife. He enjoys taking trips to Hawaii and Europe. He’s an avid poker player and enjoys video games.

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