Six Powerful Benefits To Bikram Yoga

Yoga is an ancient that hails from India and for the last several thousand years has become an integral part of the Hindu and Buddhist religions, as well as a normal part of Indian culture.  It forms a piece of a complex system for joining with the divine, but has become immensely popular in the West for its vast list of health benefits.  Bikram yoga in particular has gained a major role in the Western yoga world, a practice that is based on yoga in sauna like heated rooms and a 26 pose sequence.  A regular yoga practice has been shown offer many serious life changing health improvements, but the addition of the heated room offers a wide range of extra benefits.  Here we will discuss some of the benefits for taking up the practice of yoga.

bikram yoga class

Weight Loss: One of the biggest reasons people in Western society start exercise programs of any kind is for weight loss purposes and Bikram yoga will definitely not disappoint.  Using full body weight bearing postures, your muscles will become active and start building your metabolism.  The exercise will also start reversing hormone imbalances that most people have, which increases fat storage, decreases energy, and causes a whole mess of other problems.  Appetite will also likely normalize, decreasing consumption of unneeded calories, not to mention the work you actually do during the session itself.

weight loss

Blood Pressure: For those working on issues with heart and circulatory health, high blood pressure has been found to take a real beneficial dive for those practicing regular Bikram yoga.  Ask your doctor first and don’t feel a need to push yourself too fast, but embrace your practice!  Your blood pressure may start to elevate at first, but give it about two weeks and it will start coming down.

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol: One of the best things you can do to improve your cholesterol levels is take up regular weight bearing exercise, and Bikram yoga is no exception.  A regular practice of yoga has been found to significantly alter cholesterol levels towards a healthy range.

Back And Joint Pain: One of the greatest benefits to yoga is it’s cathartic soothing for sore and aching joints.  Yoga has been found to help ease these pains and re-balance levels of tension in muscles and soft tissue around joints that cause significant pain when they become uneven.   Let your instructor know what kind of pain you experience and they can help you modify your practice for your particular needs.

Back Pain

Diabetes: People with diabetes have an imbalance between their body’s need for insulin and the amount of insulin (generated in response to digested sugars).  A Bikram yoga practice will help increase their body’s cells need for (and thereby ability to take up) insulin, taking it out of the blood vessels and thereby helping keep lower and more stable levels.


Stress, Anxiety And Depression: Even if not practicing Bikram yoga for the purpose of meditation or spiritual development, a regular yoga practice has been found to greatly relax the body and mind through lowering activity in the sympathetic nervous system (the side of our nervous system responsible for triggering a fight or flight response).  The cathartic motions without need for immense thought and focus where you can really let go impart a calm that simply must be experienced.

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