Defeat Blisters Naturally.

Blisters are small, fluid-filled bumps that appear on the skin. There are many causes of blisters, everything from shoes that are too tight to a spider bite. Some blisters may be caused by diseases such as chicken pox. In most cases you do not need to see a doctor and can treat them entirely at home.

How can I tell if I have a blister?

You can see a blister on your skin. It is a small fluid-filled bump at the site of an injury such as a burn, a bug bite, or constant irritation most commonly seen on the feet from new shoes.

Can I prevent blisters?

  • Buy your shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their largest.
  • Buy leather where possible. It keeps the foot dryer and less likely to develop blisters.
  • Break in shoes slowly
  • Don’t exercise during the heat of the day.
  • Never wear wet shoes.
  • Protect any place where you usually get blisters by rubbing petroleum jelly on it before you put your sock on.
  • Wear socks with good coverage.
  • Keep feet dry with powders.



How can I treat blisters?

  • If your blister shows signs of infection such as redness, red streaks or puss have it seen by a doctor immediately.
  • Tent the blister; don’t lay the bandage right on top. This exposes the blister to air will still protecting it which helps to speed up healing.
  • When you can get away without wearing shoes, let the blister breathe; leave it completely uncovered. No socks, no bandages.
  • Elevate the blister; this relieves pressure and eases discomfort.
  • Drain blisters that are causing extreme pressure, but NEVER EVER drain a blister caused by a burn. Deflate by pricking the edge of the blister once or twice with a sterile needle and slowly pressing out the fluid.
  • If you drain a blister leave the deflated skin in place.
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