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Natural Home Remedies For Detoxing

The sad fact is that we live in a very toxic world.  The exhaust and general pollution from factories, treatment plants, and power plants is a serious risk to all of our health, not to mention the effects of the millions of cars around us.  Add the pollution in our water, including the chemicals used to try to clean it, then our own household cleaners for our clothes, dishes, and our living spaces.  Our hygiene products include practically nothing recognizable on the ingredient label, or at least nothing that’s good!  Even our foods have chemicals that didn’t exist in our universe a mere few decades ago that are known to cause numerous disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.  Many people cast off the idea, thinking that it’s melodramatic, but only because they lead busy lives and don’t feel the effects right now, but the fact is it’s an endurance game.  These chemicals cause long term diseases that wear on your body bit by bit, though we have seen increases in birth defects, disorders like ADD/ADHD, and even a 50% increase in the cases of asthma in the last two decades alone!


So the question is always, what can we do about it?  I definitely wouldn’t expect everyone to quit their day jobs, cut off their life and move to a small remote village, though it does sometimes seem like it will take something that drastic!  The first step is always cutting down on your toxic exposure, so make sure the air filters on your car and home are good if you live within a populated area, which nearly all of us do.  Switch to safe and natural hygiene products, cleaners, soaps, and switch to organic foods.  If you smoke and or drink, limit these or cut them out entirely.  These few steps won’t necessarily be quick or easy, but they are profound and incredible in their effects, and guarantee a longer life with lesser disease, fewer illnesses, and overall a greater vibrancy.

Beyond preventing yourself from being exposed to or taking in toxicity, however, you will want to work to detoxify your body to get rid of the toxins that have already built up.  There are many methods we are going to approach to A: remove toxins from your body, and B: help your liver (the main, though not the only, organ which is responsible for breaking down and expelling toxins) be more effective.

Detoxing Methods

Our first detoxing method is not only effective, but highly relaxing!  An often overlooked ‘exhaust’ system that your body uses to remove toxins is from the skin.  We want to help the body wick toxins through the skin, so this is the goal of our soak method.  Take ½ cup of Epsom or sea salts, and ½ cup baking soda and mix into a hot (but not painfully so!) bath, and soak for 20 minutes.  This process helps pull toxins directly out of the skin, while also adding much needed magnesium to the body, and sea salt itself is naturally detoxifying.

Oil pulling is a similar detoxifying treatment to soaking, but instead pulls toxins and bacteria from the mouth, helping not only detoxify but leads to healthier gums and mouth overall.  Take one tablespoon of oil (only use cold pressed oils, such as sunflower, sesame, unrefined olive, or our biggest suggestion: coconut oil) and first thing in the morning swish the oil between all of your teeth and around your mouth for several (up to 10) minutes.  Spit the waste oil out, and then swish water around in your mouth several times before then brushing your teeth.

One considerable source of toxicity in our bodies is that waste that travels through our intestines does not get expelled quickly, instead being slow or not leaving at all, resulting in many times more toxins being absorbed or allowing bad bacteria and other agents to thrive.  Fiber, adequate hydration, and a proper diet can help minimize this, but our salt purge will help push this built up sludge out of your system.  Some people hold as much as 5-12 pounds in their intestinal tract, and the simple fact is that this isn’t doing their healthy any good!  You will want to do this on a day that you have some time to have full access to a bathroom!  Take four cups of purified water (many people prefer it a bit warmed up) and add two teaspoons of sea salt (specifically sea salt!), and drink the entire mixture in 10 minutes.  This solution has the same level of salt content as your tears, sweat, and other liquids within the body, so instead of being absorbed it is taken to the intestines to be removed as waste, and so its volume helps collect the sludge and toxins on its way out!  This process can be done daily, though it may take several weeks to get rid of the bulk of your intestinal sludge.

Herbal Detoxifying Solutions

Our next step is to start supporting the livers’ ability to detoxify our body.  We are going to do this with a selection or specific medicinal herbs, all of which are fairly easy to get at least online, if not at a local store, and they can all be taken as a tea or a capsule for easy use.  The first is milk thistle, a very traditionally used herb for stimulating and repairing the liver, helping it in its job of detoxification and overall lowering its load.  Milk thistle can be taken as a capsule or tablet, though is also available in some tea mixtures.  For milk thistle, and all of the other herbs we list, always take the recommended amount as listed by the manufacturer.

The root of the common dandelion flower, most generally considered a weed, is a very effective and traditional herb for gently cleansing the skin, kidneys, and liver, while also being highly nutritious and good for many other therapeutic purposes.  Take dandelion root as a tea for best effect.  Nettle leaf is a common detoxifying agent used most often for clearing up skin problems related to built up toxins, which helps expedite clearing these toxins out of the skin.   Nettle leaf can be taken as a tea, and the tea can be directly applied to any inflamed skin.  The plant that the leaf is from will sting, so make sure to get properly processed leaves!  Avoid taking nettle roots during pregnancy.

Red clover is a traditional blood and skin cleanser, specifically used for clearing out chronic toxicity.  The flowers of the red clover is also a mild laxative, and is most effective on cases where the skin and glands are affected by chronic constipation and toxicity.   Red clover can be taken as a tea, or in capsules/tablets.  Schisandra is an herb that works in a bit of a different way, acting as an ‘adaptogen’ which helps the liver to withstand and work better under conditions of stress, so that it can continue to do it’s many jobs, including dealing with toxins.  A few of the berries of the schisandra plant can be eaten each day, or it can be taken as a dried fruit or powder, though it should be avoided during pregnancy.

The last herb that I’d like to list is bupleurum, which is a natural herb for protecting the liver and the kidneys, so is a fantastic herb for when you are in a highly toxic environment or are actively detoxing, which will liberate some of the stored away toxins, so your liver will want to be in top operational condition!  It can be taken as a tablet.

Get To Detoxing!

So now you have numerous tools under your belt for getting knee deep into your detoxing, so get started!  Some of these methods may take time to be fully effective, so keep it up!  They all can also be kept up in the long term, though if you have a medical condition or are taking medications, seek the input of an appropriately qualified medical professional.


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