Ease Tendonitis Naturally

Tendonitis, or tendinitis, occurs when the tendons, thick cords that attach bone and muscle together, are inflammed or irritated. Often the result of repetitive minor impacts, it can be painful to suffer from. Most common in adults, the tendons become less tolerant to stress and are easier to tear as you age. It can occur in any part of the body where the tendon exists; but is most commonly seen at the base of the thumb, the elbow, the shoulder, the hip, the knee, and the Achilles tendon.


What are the symptoms of tendonitis?

  • Pain at the site of the injured tendon and the surrounding area. This pain may increase in severity over time or be sudden and severe.
  • Loss of motion in the affected joint.

How can I prevent tendonitis?

  • Start slowly when approaching an activity. Build up your activity level as your body grows accustomed to the actvitiy.
  • Limit the amount of force and number of reptitions you do.
  • Stop immediately if pain occurs in a joint. Do something else for a while then come back to it. If it’s still painful stop that activity for the day.
  • Stretch before engaging in sports and similar activities.

How can I cure tendonitis?

  • Rest. Resting the tendon gives inflammation a chance to go down. Cease the activity that caused tendonitis and any others that cause similar pain for a few days. Try again. If the pain persists rest a few days longer.
  • Ice the affected area. This reduces swelling, brings down inflammation and promotes healing. Ice several times a day for best results.
  • Immobilize joints by using a sling or brace. This prevents the tendon from continuing to work and strain itself and allows healing to occur.
  • Seek out a trained massage therapist for soft tissue stimulation. This kind of massage will help to stimulate healing and healthy repair.
  • Consider acupuncture. Studies have shown it may be effective in providing relief from tendonitis.
  • Try soaking an Achilles tendon in sugarfree carbonated water or epsom salts. These will both help to decreae swelling, stimulate blood flow and reduce pain.
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