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Natural Remedies For Vision Ailments

The amount of people with poor vision is on the rise and at younger and younger ages as well.  Poor diets, and a lifestyle of straining the eyes staring at a computer screen or TV for the majority of the day has led to some serious declines in sight.  Luckily there is actually quite a bit that can be done to help improve vision and slow the decline of eye health.  Here we will cover several options for improving poor vision and preventing the decline of eye health.

What Causes Poor Vision?

  • Straining your eyes by regularly reading in low light conditions, or spending large amounts of time straining the eyes over staring at computer screens and similarly fatiguing circumstances.  Anything forcing you to squint on a regular basis is a strain on your eyes and can lead to degeneration.
  • Not having the nutrients your eyes need to function, which includes vitamin A and lutein.
  • Spending long periods of time just seeing at one distance, for example only objects far away, or what is more common, looking at objects close in front of you.  On a regular basis, at least once every few hours take a look out of a window for a few minutes at the horizon, which will help keep the eyes working at both distances and preventing fatigue.
  • Over time, as we age, some of vision does decline, be it because the shape of the eye is changing or just because the eye wears down over time.

How Can We Treat Poor Vision?

  • The first steps to take are to stop the causes listed above.  Make sure to read with adequate lighting and take frequent short breaks to look at the distance instead of focusing so much on a computer or other things close up.  Also, using an anti-glare cover on your computer screens can help.  Make sure to eat a varied diet with plenty of bright colors and fruits and vegetables, which includes lutein and vitamin A.  Vitamins C and E and the minerals zinc and copper are also very important. Antioxidant rich fruits will help prevent damage from the sun and other sources.
  • A simple way to relax strain of the eyes is to rub your palms together well until warm and hold them over your eyes.  This helps relax the muscles of the eyes and reduce strain.
  • One ayurvedic mixture to be drank each day for up to three months includes mixing the following and drinking it at bed time: 1 cup warm milk, ½ tsp liquorice powder, ¼ tsp clarified butter, and 1 tsp honey.
  • Another natural remedy mixture is to take 7 talmonds, 2 tsp fennel seeds, 1 tsp sugar and crush the mixture.  Place 1 tsp of the mixture into a glass of warm milk and drink at bed time.
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