Get Rid of Crabs (Pubic Lice) Naturally

Crabs, also known as Pubic Lice, are small parasites that live in the genital area and live off human blood. They will glue tiny egg sacs to the hair shafts called nits. The primary symptom is itching and when scratched can lead to a secondary bacterial infection that will also require treatment. Pubic lice are contracted through contact with an infected person. Not limited to the genital area, you can also get crabs in your armpits, beard, and eyebrows!


How do I know if I have crabs?

Itching in the legs, chest, armpits, beard or moustache

Pubic lice do not infest the scalp.


How do I prevent getting crabs?

The best way to prevent getting crabs is making sure that you do not engage in any sexual contact with someone who has an infestation. This includes sharing clothing or bedding.

If you are being treated you should inform all your partners so that they can be tested and treat themselves as well.


How can I treat crabs?

  • Wash all bedding, cloths, and towels used in hot, soapy water then dry for at least 20 minutes at high heat.
  • If you cannot wash something, have it dry cleaned or seal it up completely in an air-tight bag for at least two weeks to suffocate the lice.
  • Trim your pubic hairs; be sure you sanitize your trimmer after wards.
  • Do not scratch! Use calamine lotion to help treat the itch.
  • Use a nit comb to brush out any nits or bodies. Treatments don’t always kill off all the eggs, so you need a comb to comb them out.
  • Gently wash, after trimming, with soap and warm water.
  • Make a vinegar and water compress and press against the pubic area. Leave for 30 minutes.
  • Make a gentle scrub of lemon juice, honey, salt and sugar, then gently scrub the area. Rinse with warm water and comb for nits.
  • Make a warm vinegar and margosa leaf bath. Both work as a pesticide. Soak for 30 minutes.
  • You can also bathe in tea tree oil, rosemary oil or lavender oil for similar results.
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