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Get Rid of Hand Pain Naturally

Hand pain, whether it’s caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis or something else altogether, can be completely debilitating and end your way of life. Everything from opening a jar to washing dishes can become an event so painful that you dread it. Thankfully, there are a number of natural, home remedies that can be used to help ease the pain of all these conditions so that you can get back to living the way you want to live!


How do I know if I have hand pain?

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bony enlargements
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Fingers change colors when cold


How do I prevent hand pain?

  • Keep moving! Keep joints loose by doing regular activities every day.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do water exercises for your hands in a basin of warm water.
  • Monitor and make sure you don’t over do and injure yourself.
  • Wear gloves and protective hand gear.
  • Avoid locking joints.
  • Don’t strain your hands.


How can I treat hand pain?

  • Aloe vera can be applied to the hand to alleviate pain.
  • Boswellia is known for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. It is also known as frankincense. It can be applied to the skin in cream form.
  • Cats claw can help reduce pain and inflammation but may worsen rheumatoid arthritis pain.
  • Eucalyptus is full of tannins that help reduce swelling and easy pain.
  • Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be had raw, as a tea or added to food!
  • Green tea has been shown to help reduce inflammation.
  • Add some turmeric to your food. It helps to fight joint pain such as hand joint pain.
  • Use hot and cold packs to help stimulate blood flow and loosen tight muscles.
  • Try massage, chiropractic or acupuncture.
  • Honey and cinnamon can be mixed together to help relax muscles and speed healing.
  • Use olive oil to cook and to massage your hands. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Epsom salt baths help to reduce inflammation, eliminate cramps and ease pain.
  • Give yourself a hand bath with fennel  and juniper oil, they will help to reduce stiffness and pain.
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