Get Rid of Oily Hair Naturally

Oily hair can be washed each and every day, but by the time you head to bed it will be greasy once again. It can be frustrating to deal with, but oil production is an important part of keeping your hair and scalp in good condition. The key is finding ways to keep your over productive oil glands from ruining your hairstyle. There are a number of reasons behind increased oil production; it may be hereditary, it is caused by hormonal fluctuations, it can be caused by increased body size and it can even be influenced by your hair type.


How do I know if I have oily hair?

  • Greasy pillow residue
  • Greasy film on your hands after running them through your hair
  • Hair that looks greasy when not washed


How do I prevent oily hair?

  • Don’t massage your scalp between washings. It stimulates the oil production glands making hair greasier.
  • Brush your hair as little as possible to keep from spreading oils.
  • Shampoo every day to keep oils under control.
  • Use a shampoo with a pH of greater than 6.7.


How can I treat oily hair?

  • Make your own shampoo with water, liquid soap, fresh mint, and fresh rosemary. Every other day add a little aloe vera gel, a little lemon juice, and a few drops of witch hazel. This will clean your hair, keep it healthy, without drying it out.
  • Use condition on the ends of your hair only.
  • Make a finishing rinse of peppermint tea with a little apple cider vinegar. It cleanses the scalp and removes residues that can make oily hair even heavier.
  • Between washings, sprinkle a little baby powder or corn starch in your hair. It will absorbs the oils and then you can brush it out five minutes later.
  • Egg yolks help to nourish the hair and when washed out will take the oils with them.
  • Make an alcohol rinse; fill a shot glass with an alcoholic beverage and mix with a cup or two of water then use to rinse your hair.
  • Beer can be used to cleanse your hair, dry it out and leave it shining.
  • Lemon juice helps to cut through grease and leave hair beautiful and shining.
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