Get Rid of Open Pores Naturally

Why get a chemical face peel and waste money on pore shrinking products when you probably have everything you need right at home? Glycolic acid peels can damage skin, but a gentle mask of oatmeal and tomato will not only heal skin but cleanse and shrink pores naturally! You don’t even need to buy face peels to use at home. Shrinking your pores can be done naturally with ingredients as common as honey, sugar and lemon, or oatmeal and egg whites.

Open pores are a problem amongst those who are aging and those who are prone to acne. They make your skin look and feel rough. Treating open pores also helps to treat troublesome acne and smooths out skin, evening the skin tone.

One of the most common reasons we get large, open pores is that we either clean too poorly or we go the other direction and clean too much and too roughly. Many ‘exfoliation’ products are as hard on the skin of our faces as sand paper! Making your own natural exfoliation products will always give the best, most gentle results.

How can I prevent Open Pores?

  • Gently wash your face everyday, twice a day.
  • Exfoliate gently two or three times a week.
  • Wear sun protection on your skin.

What are the symptoms of Open Pores?

  • White heads
  • Black heads
  • Inflammation
  • Rough skin
  • Dull skin

How do I cure Open Pores?

  • Gently rub a few ice cubes wrapped in a washcloth on your pores for a few seconds. You can make spa quality ice by freezing cucumber juice or rose water.
  • Tone and clean your skin with a quick rice of apple cider vinegar. It is also anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory helping to prevent acne.
  • Egg whites help to tone and tighten skin. Simply whisk the white without the yolk and apply to the face.
  • If you want an acne tightening mask, add the juice of half a lemon to your egg whites, leave for ten minutes then rinse away.
  • Dry skin with open pores? Egg white, lemon juice and a little ground oatmeal. Oatmeal has vitamin E in it which helps to moisturize skin.
  • Make a sugar scrub with sugar, olive oil and lemon juice. Use gently to help tone and clean your face once or twice a week.
  • Make a cleanser and exfoliant with baking soda and warm water. Gently exfoliate then rinse away.
  • Mix some rose water with Fuller’s earth. It reduces scars, blemishes, sun-damaged skin and closes open pores.
  • Make a lemon and honey mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes then gently rinse away.
  • Cucumber is an astringent that also soothes. Grate a cucumber and wipe the juice on your skin!
  • Make a yogurt and gram flour paste. Gram flour will get rid of unsightly hair and the yogurt will cleanse and nourish the skin, helping to close open pores.
  • Steam your face once a week to unclog pores.
  • Use papaya as a gentle scrub.
  • Oatmeal and tomato make a great cleaning and nourishing scrub that will help close pores and heal skin.
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