Get Rid of Prostatitis Naturally

Different than prostate cancer, prostatitis is swelling or infection of the prostate. It is often painful and caused by a bacteria. It can also be caused by injury, nervous system problems, emotional issues and strained pelvic floor muscles. In some cases prostatitis may require hospitalization.


How do I know if I have prostatitis?

  • Urge to urinate but only small amounts of urine are passed
  • Burning pain during urination
  • Problems starting urine flow
  • Urination that comes in waves
  • Urine flow that is weak
  • Dribbling after urination
  • Waking up to urinate frequently
  • Pain in the lower back, lower belly, upper thighs or pubic area
  • Pain during or after ejaculation
  • Pain in the tip of your penis
  • Fever
  • Chills


How do I prevent prostatitis?

If your prostatitis is caused by a bacteria you can prevent it by following these simple steps:

  • Practice good hygiene and keep your penis clean
  • Drink plenty of fluids so you urinate regularly
  • Seek treatment early for any urinary tract infections


How can I treat prostatitis?

  • Soothe your prostate with a sitz bath for 20 minutes a day.
  • Avoid alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine. All of these can aggravate your prostatitis.
  • Acupuncture, massage and biofeedback are all possible treatments.
  • Saw palmetto and aloe vera have both been shown to help with prostate problems.
  • Watermelon and pumpkin seeds help to flush out the system, repair and build the immune system.
  • Make corn silk tea and drink 3 cups a week. It has been shown to help cure the symptoms.
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One Response to Get Rid of Prostatitis Naturally

  1. Adson says:

    Helpful remedies. I have prostatitis for over 5 years. It’s really the toughest time to suffer from all these unbearable symptoms. The prostatitis pain is so hard to manage that I have to live with these all day. I’ve tried warm sitz bath, prostate massage and herbal supplements, but none helped. Antibiotics couldn’t cure the infection but cause kidney diseases to me. It made me depressed for a long period of time. Then I took a herbal diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, my pain was relieved greatly after two months medication. I continued taking this pill and the infection was cured permanently after half a year’s treatment. I’m so excited to know it really cured.

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