Get Rid of Trench Mouth Naturally

Given its name in World War I when soldiers couldn’t properly care for their teeth, trench mouth, also known as necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, is a scary thing to wake up to. Often triggered by severe stress, the bacteria in the mouth capitalize on a lowered immune system and suddenly that case of gingivitis the dentist has been warning about is something far more serious. Complete with open sores, bad breath and eventually teeth that fall out, NUG or trench mouth can be a harrowing ordeal.

Sore mouth treatments and gum disease treatments should always be taken seriously. If your dentist suggests you make a gingivitis mouthwash to combat gum disease consider one with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and salt. Though they seem like a strange combination they will help clean your mouth, kill off bacteria, relieve pain and lower inflammation. Plus they’ll give you fresh breath to go along with your clean smile.

It’s all too easy to let oral health care fall by the wayside, but seeing your dentist twice a year is critical in avoiding flare ups and diseases like trench mouth. Learning how to treat gum disease is only the first step. Your dentist is the only one who knows how to fully clean your teeth and protect them.

What are the symptoms of Trench Mouth?

  • Bad breath
  • Ulcers between teeth
  • Fever
  • Foul taste in mouth
  • Red gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Gray film on gums
  • Painful gums
  • Bleeding gums

How can I prevent Trench Mouth?

  • Keep good oral hygiene habits
  • Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet.
  • Learn how to cope with stress properly. Try meditation and other relaxation techniques.
  • Make sure you see  your dentist twice a year so that no mouth condition gets out of hand.
  • Stop smoking.

How do I treat Trench Mouth?

  • Rinse with a salt water rinse of half a teaspoon salt in a cup of warm water. This will help relieve pain.
  • Rinse with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in water to help remove any dead or dying tissue.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods while your gums are healing.
  • Chew on some parsley to help get rid of bad breath.
  • Rinse with a swish of chamomile tea to help relieve bad breath and gum pain.
  • Have a glass of cranberry juice to help kill off any lingering bacteria.
  • Use baking soda. Rinse your mouth with a tablespoon in water. Make a paste and apply it directly to the sores. It will help fight off bacteria, it will protect the open sores of ulcers, it relieves the inflammation, and it even helps kill off bad breath! Leave the paste on for a few minutes then rinse away. Repeat this every couple of hours for a few days and you’ll see marked improvement.
  • For the first few days follow a liquid only diet.
  • Stay hydrated but avoid soda and alcohol.
  • Do not smoke or use other tobacco products.
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