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Get Rid of Water Retention Naturally

Water retention, also known as edema, occurs when water leaks into the body from the blood and is not properly removed from the body by the lymph system. It can be generalized or localized and is often a cause of daily fluctuations in weight; in fact it can be a cause of fluctuations of up to 10 pounds on a daily basis! Many women suffer from water retention as a symptom of PMS, but it is also caused by hypertension, obesity, and heart problems.


How do I know if I am retaining water?

  • Puffiness in the feet, ankles and legs
  • Shiny, stretched skin
  • Dimples when you press on the skin
  • Swollen, stiff and painful joints
  • Headaches
  • Bloated abdomen
  • Breathing troubles
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Sudden weight gain


How do I prevent water retention?

  • Exercise regularly
  • Lift your feet and elevate them whenever you can.
  • Avoid crossing your legs when seated.
  • Don’t wear tight, restricting clothing.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Stay away from junk food and foods high in sodium.


How can I treat water retention?

  • Eat foods that are natural diuretics such as celery, onions, asparagus and cucumber.
  • Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of B complex vitamins and vitamin D. They help to reduce water retention.
  • Calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium help control water retention as well.
  • Decrease your salt consumption. Avoid foods high in sodium.
  • Avoid dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and soda.
  • Make sure you’re getting plenty of water. This seems counter productive, but making sure that you’re getting good water helps to flush out retained fluids.
  • Parsley, dandelion leaf and corn silk are all herbs that can be taken or added to food to help flush out unwanted fluids.
  • Gingko biloba helps to improve circulation which, in turn, helps to flush unwanted fluids out of the body.
  • Get plenty of exercise to get your body moving and flush out unwanted water.
  • Elevate your legs over your heart to help prevent fluid from accumulating in them.
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