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Get Rid of Wrist Pain Naturally

Wrist pain is a common health complaint and is often caused by injury, diseases such as arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Keeping the wrists healthy and the muscles strengthened and toned is key to preventing injuries and living wrist pain free. Being mindful of repetitive motions is also a good idea as this can wear down the joints making them painful simply from wear and tear!


How do I know if I have wrist pain?

  • Dull ache
  • Sharp stabbing pains
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness


How do I prevent wrist pain?

  • Do strengthening exercises
  • Stop any activities that cause pain
  • Reduce the speed and force of repetitive movements
  • Change how you hold things
  • Use your whole hand to grasp and object
  • Make sure you’re using proper posture


How can I treat wrist pain?

  • Wrap the affected wrist to help restrict swelling.
  • Remove any jewelry that could become stuck if the wrist swells too much.
  • Follow the R.I.C.E. protocol and rest the wrist, ice it, compress it with a bandage, and keep it elevated.
  • Gently massage the wrist to help encourage blood flow and healing.
  • Avoid warmth on the wrist as this may cause swelling.
  • Try massaging with some peppermint oil to help stimulate blood flow and provide pain relief.
  • When your wrist is pain free, try doing some strengthening exercises to help build up muscle tone.
  • Add chamomile to a bath to help decrease pain, and rub arnica cream or gel on the wrist to help lower inflammation.
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