Help Teething Babies Naturally

Teething is the process by which a child’s primary, for first set, of teeth break or cut through the gums. It usually begins around six months and continues off and on until they are about three; it’s not uncommon for children as young as 3 months to begin teething. There is significant soreness and swelling in the gums during this time which can make children very fussy and difficult to handle. Symptoms can begin as early as 5 days before the tooth erupts or breaks through the skin. Most children go through teething without any trouble

What are the symptoms of teething?

  • Abnormal fussiness, difficulty being soothed.
  • Biting fingers and toys.
  • Refusal to eat or drink.
  • Excessive drooling.
  • A rash on the chin, face or chest caused by excessive drooling.
  • Spitting up and mild diarrhea due to changes in their saliva.
  • Mild fever, congestion and ear-pulling.

How can I help my teething baby to be in less pain naturally?

  • Freeze a banana then let the baby chew on it. This will help to decrease swelling. This works with fruits such as mangos as well!
  • Try refrigerator cures if your baby doesn’t seem to like ice cold options. Cool applesauce or a piece of carrot too big to fit in the mouth are perfect.
  • Massage the gums with a clean finger for a couple minutes. The baby may resist at first but will soon relax.
  • Wrap an ice cube in a clean dish towel and let the baby suck on it. Do not give the baby the ice itself as this can damage the gums. You can also simply wet and freeze a washcloth and offer that instead.
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