How to Get Rid of a Keloid

A keloid scar is a scar that grows beyond the edges of a wound into the healthy skin around it almost “infecting” the healthy skin with scar tissue. They are shiny and hairless and often feel hard and rubbery. 10%-15% of all wounds become keloid scars and those with darker skin are more likely to suffer from keloid scars than those with lighter skin tones. While they aren’t dangerous, they can be unsightly. Keloid scar removal is traditionally done with laser treatments, steroid injections or other surgeries however there are natural remedies that work just as well and just require a little patience. Keloid scar treatment can be done at home with little more than what is found in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

What are the symptoms of a Keloid?

  • Bumpy appearance
  • Irregularly shaped scars
  • Pain
  • Itching

How can I prevent a Keloid ?

In most cases keloids are impossible to prevent, however you can take steps to prevent the injuries that can cause keloids. Keep wounds and cuts clean, and always wear a bandage to help keep the collagen in the wounds from causing a keloid.

How do I treat a Keloid?

  • Baking soda can be used to help gently exfoliate the skin. Mix with hydrogen peroxide to make a paste and gently massage into the scar three or four times a day.
  • Spread aloe vera gel along your keloids at least twice a day every day. This will help reduce the appearance.
  • Lemon juice can be rubbed over the scars twice a day to help reduce their appearance.
  • Onion extract breaks down the scar tissue and can be used a few times a day.
  • Sandalwood and rose water can be mixed into a paste and rubbed on the scar to help regenerate healthy skin and then tone it.
  • Vitamin E, taken both internally and rubbed on the scar, can help to foster healthy skin growth and eliminate scars.
  • Massage the scar to help stimulate blood flow, increase healing and to flush out scar tissue.
  • Black gram can be used to help lighten a scar so it matches your skin tone.
  • Use sunscreen on your keloids to keep them from discoloring further.
  • Mixtures of mustard seed, rose, jojoba, lavender, calendula, and coconut oils can be used on the scars to help reduce their appearance. They should be left on for 15 minutes then washed away with a mild cleanser.
  • Apple cider vinegar can be applied to the scar four or five times a day. Dilute with water before rubbing on with a cotton ball.
  • Honey helps to oxidize the skin, healing the scar, and moisturizes.
  • Garlic helps to stop the process that forms big scars. Rub crushed garlic over the scars and leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
  • Lavender oil helps to rejuvenate the skin, improving skin cell turnover which helps stop scars from becoming permanent.
  • Make a paste of fullers earth, lemon and rose water. Spread on the scar in a mask for 10 to 15 minutes, then was away. Do daily until the scar disappears.
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