How to Get Rid of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID or pelvic inflammatory disease is the most serious side effect of STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases in women. It is an infection of the female reproductive organs and if left untreated can lead to irreversible damage to the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other parts of the reproductive system. It is the most common preventable cause of infertility. It occurs when the cervix, normally sealed tightly to prevent bacteria from spreading to the internal organs, is unable to seal completely due to infection and the bacteria travel from the cervix up into the upper reproductive organs.


How do I know if I have PID?

  • Dull pain in the stomach or lower abdomen
  • Tenderness in the stomach or lower abdomen
  • Abnormal, yellowish or green discharge with a funny smell
  • Painful urination
  • Chills
  • High fever
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain during sex


How can I prevent PID?

  • The best way to prevent PID is to prevent contracting an STD and to get treatment for an STD during a symptom flare up.
  • Avoid douching. Douching is believed to encourage the bacteria back up towards the cervix and may mask symptoms.
  • Avoid having multiple sexual partners.
  • Always use barrier protection.
  • Be sure you have regular gynecological exams and check-ups.


How can I treat PID?

  •  Eat foods high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps produce collagen which helps the cervix hold tightly together.
  • Try Long Dan Chao in a tea. It eliminates vaginal bacteria.
  • Strengthen your cervical cells with foods high in beta-carotene such as mangoes and sweet potatoes.
  • Increase your garlic intake and use a clove of garlic in the vagina to help kill off bacteria.
  • Apply a sugar free yogurt with active cultures to the vagina and vulva. The good bacteria will help to rebalance the area and kill off the bacteria responsible for PID.
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