How to Stop Bed Wetting Naturally

Is your child wetting the bed? Do you find yourself frustrated with their apparent inability to make it to the toilet? Don’t panic! Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t blame your child. 10% of children are still wetting the bed at the age of five and it’s no ones fault! In fact, it’s believed that slow development, heavy sleeping or a urinary tract infection are to blame for the majority of bed-wetting incidents. Treating it will take time, patience and understanding. Remember, your child is just as embarrassed and humiliated as you are about their accident, scolding and punishing them will simply make them anxious, depressed and even more likely to wet the bed. Stay calm, be understanding, and work with the understanding that in time the problem will correct itself.


How can I prevent and treat bed wetting?

  • The first thing to remember is that it’s normal and in some cases it may simply be slow development of the nerves that signal the need to urinate. Let your child wear pull-ups a little bit longer, don’t push them into big boy/girl pants at night.
  • Work calmly with your child, let them know you aren’t angry, and try to discover if something at home or at school is making them anxious. Anxiety and depression can cause problems with bed wetting.
  • Exercise the pelvic floor muscles in both boys and girls by making them hold it a little bit at a time every time they need to go. Start with holding it for one minute for a day, then two minutes for two days, until they can hold it for ten minutes after saying they need to go. This helps give their body time to wake them up before they wet.
  • Double up your bedding. Do one layer of plastic then sheet and blanket covered by another layer of plastic, sheet and blanket. That way you don’t have to work hard to change the bedding late at night.
  • Consider an alarm that goes off when it senses moisture. Though it will wake up everyone in the house, in most cases it will warn the child before they wet and get them to the bathroom on time.
  • Let them drink cranberry juice during the day, especially if they have a urinary tract infection.
  • Apple cider vinegar will help break down any kidney stones.
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