How to Treat a Burnt Tongue Naturally

When we eat hot foods or drink hot drinks before they’re cool enough, we can burn our tongues. Burning your tongue is something that everyone, adult and child, will experience at least once in their lifetime. A burnt tongue is incredible and often surprisingly painful and the sensation of having a burned tongue can last for days. If your tongue is seriously burned and blisters form because of it the pain is even worse and the healing takes even longer! The best way to prevent getting a burned tongue is to make sure you give your food and drink time to cool off and don’t drink them right when they’re ready. If you feel the sensation of a burned tongue without having had anything hot to eat or drink, you may be suffering from a condition known as burning tongue which is a separate issue.

Soothing a burned tongue is easy and you may have all the tools necessary right in your home. With nothing more than a little sugar, some honey, and ice cubes or ice water you can burnt tongue remedies are easy to supply. It’s important to remember that if you have a burned tongue you will want to avoid spicy, salty and acidic foods that can inflame the injury. You should also avoid sharp foods that could puncture, cut or rip the burned area and any blisters that have formed.

How do I prevent a Burnt Tongue?

  • Sip hot drinks carefully
  • Eat hot foods only after they have had a few minutes to cool.
  • Eat smaller bites to avoid burning large areas if a burn is likely to occur.

What are the symptoms of a Burnt Tongue?

  • Pain
  • The feeling of roughness
  • Blisters on the tongue, gums or inside of the cheek.
  • Numbness

How Do I get rid of  Burnt Tongue?

  • Suck on an ice cube or popsicle. Make sure, if you use an ice cube, that you wet it first. If you don’t you run the risk of the ice cube sticking to the skin of your tongue making an even more painful and traumatic injury likely.
  • Eat Greek yogurt. Hold a spoonful of it on your tongue before swallowing. It will soothe and cool the burn.
  • Sprinkle the burn area with a little white sugar. Let it dissolve on its own and by the time it’s gone your burned tongue is healed.
  • A spoonful of honey helps to soothe a burned tongue. Let it sit for a few moments before swallowing. NEVER give honey to a child under 12 months as it can kill them.
  • Rub some vitamin E on your tongue to help speed healing.
  • Breathe through your mouth so that cool air can soothe the burnt tongue.
  • Avoid salty, acidic and spicy foods. They will just irritate and inflame the area.
  • Try applying a little aloe vera gel applied straight from the plant and onto the tongue.
  • Drink a glass of milk to put a film over the burned area.
  • Drink some ice water and keep your mouth moist. Letting it dry out will just make the pain worse.
  • Choose cold foods over hot foods until your burn is gone.
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