Natural Home Remedies For Inflammation

Inflammation is the known source of many of our biggest diseases, or at least acts as a serious exacerbating element in our health, wearing down organs and systems and generally causing problems.  Inflammation is basically the body’s response when there is an injury, illness, or other problem.  It is the fire alarm, the police call, it is the body dealing with the emergency, but it is very hard on us and for long term health is a problem.  At least, it is in our modern society.  In our ancestral history, inflammation happened here and there when we were injured in a fight or fall, and during times of stress like running from a bear or during periods of starving.  Today because of our poor food, chemical exposures, constant stress and illness, we all have loads of inflammation!

Foods That Cause Inflammation (Get rid of them!)


  • Sugar of any kind, outside of whole fruit.  Refined carbs such as bleached (white) flour also count.
  • The most common cooking oils, which are high in unhealthy and highly inflammatory omega fats (omega 6 and especially 9!), such as soy, corn, cottonseed, safflower, and sunflower oils.
  • Trans-fats are a huge inflammatory ingredient, and are terrible for our overall health anyway.  The FDA just made the announcement that the US will be banning their use shortly, however, so this should stop being a problem in the United States in the near future if all goes well.
  • Dairy is very inflammatory, though some yogurts and kefir (a fermented milk product) are okay, but dairy is in general a bad idea if you are battling inflammation.
  • Meat is generally inflammatory as it is, especially red meat, but meat fed on grains like soy and corn are seriously inflammatory, topping the charts shoulder to shoulder with sugar intake.  Most meat, unless it is specified as not being so, has been treated with antibiotics, hormones, and has been jammed into tight living conditions that all breed terrible levels of inflammation.  At minimum, choose meat which is free range, 100% grass (or other non-grain) fed, not treated with hormones or antibiotics, and you’ll have a good start.  If you can, cut meat out!
  • Alcohol is one of the biggest inflammatory agents out there.  There will always be studies that show some health benefits of various kinds of wine and spirits, but all alcohol is seriously inflammatory.  Cut it out of your regular diet, just have it on special occasions (and no, Friday isn’t a special occasion!).
  • Artificial food additives are major contributors to chemically caused inflammation.  MSG (and any of the two dozen or so MSG like agents that some companies use even while flouting that they don’t have MSG).  Going with whole foods that do not have additives is a great step to take for overall health.  Look at the ingredient list and try to choose foods that only have a few recognizable whole food ingredients.


Inflammation Fighting Foods


  • Nearly any leafy green food will be an inflammation fighter, though kelp in particular has been found to seriously douse inflammation, as well as have many other major health benefits.
  • Turmeric is one of the heavy hitters for fighting inflammation; it is the herb most responsible for giving curies their distinct taste and color.
  • Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are all loaded with antioxidants, naturally detoxify, and help lower inflammation.
  • Ginger root is an herb with strong inflammation reducing attributes, along with other health benefits.  Garlic and green two are two other sources of inflammation fighting power.


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