Stop Attention Deficit Disorder Naturally

Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a major problem in the United States, affecting both adults and children, though most of the awareness and attention has been focused on the conditions effects on children in school.  Over two million children have been diagnosed with ADHD alone, which has led to an extensive epidemic of dangerous prescriptions being given to kids.  There is much that can be done, however, to help address, assist, and treat those who have ADD and ADHD without, or alongside prescription drugs, be it for adults or children.


What are the symptoms of ADD/ADHD?

  • Struggling to maintain attention or focus, often being unable to finish tasks, even simple ones.
  • Poor listening ability, including having difficulty remembering conversations and following directions.
  • Being extremely easy to distract; unable to keep attention focused on one thing.
  • Commonly referred to as “zoning out” in the middle of tasks, or even in the middle of a conversation.
  • Unable to sit still, or otherwise exercise self control.
  • Inability to not talk over other people, or interrupt them.
  • Racing thoughts and mind.
  • Get bored very easily.
  • Generally feel restless or agitated.

How can I work to prevent and treat ADD/ADHD and it’s symptoms?

  • Minimize the refined carbohydrate and sugars in your, or your child’s diet.  This means cutting out sodas (including sugar free!), sweets, white bread, white rice, and pastries (including bagels).  Switch to a natural whole foods based diet instead, with real and whole fruits, grains and vegetables.
  • Eliminate any dairy or animal products that contain hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and animal diseases.  If you cannot buy locally organic animal products from companies who who not use these ingredients, cut them out entirely (this is a big one).
  • Remove caffeine, MSG, aspartame, and other sugars, stimulants, preservatives, food dyes, and chemicals from your diet.
  • Ensure adequate sleep each night for yourself or your child.  Cutting off over stimulating TV, games, and other electronic devices at least 1-2 hours before bed is VITAL for proper sleep, and to minimize over stimulation and hyperactivity in the brain.  If at all possible, limit or even eliminate TV watching and video games for your child; studies have shown these activities to be extremely detrimental to your ability to focus and control activity, especially in children.
  • Regular exercise and activity is absolutely necessary.
  • Meditation has been shown to be effective in helping children with ADHD improve attention and behavior, as well as to lower stress and anxiety, which are connected with the condition.
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