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8 Miraculous Benefits To Coconut Oil

For a long time tropical oils and their plants have been avoided, thought of as near poisonous to the heart with their high content of saturated fat, at one point the FDA recommending manufacturers use trans fats instead!  Trans-fats have since been found to be massively more dangerous to our health than saturated fats ever were, and the near miraculous health benefits of tropical plants and oils like coconut and palm have come to light.  In this article we will delve into some of the fantastic benefits of coconut oil, while pulling off the veil of saturated fat hatred!


Beneficial Fatty Acids

One of the biggest health science calamities of the last century has been the demonizing of saturated fats, and the allowance of the ascendance of refined carbohydrates in our diet (which are true dietary assassins!).  The main study that caused all of this was conducted by a man who went all over the world and tested how different indigenous cultures fared with different compositions in their diet, and looked to see how their health and disease rates reflected that.  However, he was intent on proving a particular theory and so decided that those cultures which ate a lot of saturated fat and didn’t get heart disease, or those that ate virtually none and didn’t get heart disease were anomalies, and removed them from his results.  The fact is, saturated fat from a good quality source (such as 100% grass fed, hormone and antibiotic and cage free animals) is perfectly fine for your health.  When it comes to coconut oil you find yourself with almost 90% of the fat being from saturated fats, and these fats are actually medium-chain triglycerides, meaning fat molecules of medium length.

As if it weren’t enough that we no longer have to fear saturated fats, medium chain triglycerides in particular have been found to be very healthy, and an excellent source of energy.  They have also been found to have real benefit for people who have some brain disorders, like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, and the research is continuing to unearth more benefits, but none of the previously claimed risks attached to saturated fats.

Healthy Populations

We mentioned people who ate a lot of fats but didn’t get heart disease in the previous section, well those cultures that eat a lot of coconut and its oils are one of the peoples that have thrived in good health and without heart disease!  The Tokelauans are a population that lives in the south pacific and eat more than 60% of their calories from coconuts, and are the biggest eaters of saturated fat on the planet, and yet they have no trace of heart disease and are in excellent health as a population.

Increased Metabolism

While another popular and incredibly destructive myth continues to pervade our society, the fact is calories in and calories out is a ludicrous description of how our bodies work from the very onset.  What type of calories we eat, what kind of stress we’re under, our particular levels and balances of hormones, what our body composition and activity levels are like, our age, what kind of chemicals we are exposed to, and so on and so forth across another dozen or two variables determine whether we burn fat or store calories, including simply how much we eat and our food timing as well.  When it comes to coconut oil, despite it being made of fat (by the way fat doesn’t automatically turn into fat, another stupid myth!), it has been found to actually increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat!  One study found that 15-30 grams of medium chain triglycerides per day increased the metabolism (energy expenditure) by 5% over a 24 hour period, coming to about 120 calories per day!   Why not let your food work for you?

Immune Booster

One of the many benefits of coconut oil, specifically the lauric acid it contains, is that it can fight and kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria that shouldn’t be in your body!  What’s better than a food that is delicious and healthy and actually helps fight off infections?  About 50% of the fat in coconut oil is in the form of lauric acid.  When coconut oil is digested it also forms the monoglyceride called monolaurin, which also has these same benefits.  The bottom line is, coconut oil can help you fight off some very dangerous infections.

Hunger Fighter

Along with increasing how many calories you burn naturally, coconut oil has also been found to reduce hunger, so will help prevent over eating and lead you to be more satisfied with what you eat.  In one study the test subjects eating MCT’s consumed 256 fewer calories a day on average, while another study found that men who ate the most MCT’s at breakfast ate significantly fewer calories in their lunch.  These studies were small, and did not do duration testing, but are very encouraging, especially when combined with coconut oil’s ability to help you burn more fat at the same time!

Lower Cholesterol And Heart Attacks

Instead of leading to heart disease as previously thought, studies have found that the saturated fats in coconut oil actually raise HDL (the healthy type of cholesterol) and turn LDL (the ‘dangerous’ kind of cholesterol) into a benign form that does not pose so much danger.  Some studies have also found it to lower triglyceride levels as well, while improving coagulation factors and antioxidant status.  Altogether these improvements can lead to significant improvements in chances of avoiding a heart attack.

Beauty And Protection

Dozens and dozens of uses for coconut oil have been found beyond simply eating it, which include using it for effective cosmetics, hair and skin treatments/cleaners, as well as tooth paste.  Through these uses it has been found that coconut oil can protect the hair and skin against damage, moisturize, fight fungal infections, act as sunscreen (up to 20% UV protection), wick toxins out of the mouth while fighting bacteria and removing bad breath (from a mouth wash or toothpaste), among many other such benefits as a non-food.

Abdominal Fat Loss

Studies have found a correlation in fat loss specifically around the abdomen and inside the abdominal cavity surrounding the organs.  This particular location and mode of fat storage has been found to be the most dangerous of all, being highly associated with diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, and others.  A study using 40 women with abdominal obesity supplemented with 1 ounce of coconut oil per day, and found significant reductions in waist circumference in a period of just 12 weeks.  Another study, using 20 males, found a similar significant reduction of 1.1 inches after 4 weeks using one ounce of coconut oil daily.  These test subjects were not exercising or dieting in any form, so were losing significant amounts of abdominal fat just from adding coconut oil to their diets!


The benefits we have listed here are really just chipping the surface of the topic, many full books have been written just on the benefits of this miraculous food, and we can all now benefit from the increasing availability of good quality organic coconut oil (thank you Costco!).  Start using this instead of cooking oils, use it as a spread in place of butters, or just enjoy some on some vegetables and really get your health going!  Just stick to organic virgin coconut oil, and stay away from refined products and you will do well.

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