Treat a Black Eye Naturally

A black eye is bruising to the eyelid skin and skin around the eyes. It is often nothing to worry about and will disappear on its own in anywhere from one to two weeks. However, if you have sustained a head injury, a black eye can be a sign of something significantly more serious such as a skull fracture. Read through the symptoms below; if you experience any of the severe symptoms seek medical attention immediately!


How do I know if have or will get a black eye?

  • Bruising
  • Swelling of the eyelid and skin around the eye
  • Discoloration that starts blue or purple then fades.

Contact a doctor if:

  • There was a loss of consciousness when injured
  • Black eyes are seen on both eyes after a head injury
  • Your eyeball hurts
  • You have an open cut near the eye
  • You have blurred vision, see multiple images or floating spots
  • You see blood or abnormalities in the eye
  • You experience sudden vision changes.


How can I prevent a black eye?

Some causes of black eyes are not preventable, but for those that are, wearing protective eye gear is the best way to keep from getting an unsightly black eye.


How can I treat a black eye?

  • Use an ice pack to decrease some of the swelling.
  • Don’t press on the eye itself, keep treatments to the skin around the eye.
  • Clean any abrasions with soap and water.
  • Get lots of vitamin C. It promotes healing.
  • Enjoy pineapple or papaya. They contain an enzyme that helps to speed up recovery from bruises.
  • Gently dap with witch hazel. This will soothe the area and help to heal the black eye.
  • Arnica helps to reduce swelling and keep the bruise from worsening.
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