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Treat a Dislocated Shoulder Naturally

A dislocated shoulder is often caused by a contact injury, such as falling, that pushes the bones of the joint out of alignment with one another. This shifting of positions is very painful and causes tremendous strain on the shoulder joints. Many times the ligaments and muscles of the shoulder will be torn making the injury even more painful. You will need to see a doctor to have a dislocated shoulder returned to alignment. A doctor will be able to safely put it back into place without tearing nerves and muscles further, plus a doctor will be able to tell if you have fractured the bones that are involved. However, your post doctor care can easily be done at home. There are a number of herbs and treatments that you can do at home that help to heal the shoulder more quickly and reduce the level of pain without addictive medications.

What are the symptoms of a Dislocated Shoulder?

Deformed shoulder

Out of place shoulder



Intense pain

Inability to move the joint

Numbness in the affected arm

Tingling in the neck and affected arm

Weakness in the affected arm

Muscle spasms

How can I prevent a Dislocated Shoulder?

Do your best to avoid falling. If you do fall try to fall softly and roll so that you don’t land hard on a single joint or area of your body.

If you play contact sports like football make sure you wear protective gear.

Exercise regularly to keep your joints flexible and strengthened.

How do I treat a Dislocated Shoulder?

Never try to relocate your shoulder on your own. Always seek medical treatment as putting your shoulder back into place can lead to permanent nerve and muscle damage.

  • Rest your shoulder until it is healed. Avoid activities like lifting heavy objects or holding your hands over your head.
  • Alternate heat and ice. Ice helps lower swelling while heat lessens pain. Ice for 15 minutes, then heat for 15 minutes every few hours for the first few days.
  • After the first few days talk with your doctor about range of motion exercises that will help keep your shoulder working well after you’ve recovered.
  • Try not to move the joint. Put the shoulder in a sling to limit motion until the bone can be put back into joint.
  • Take your time with recovery. Don’t try to force your shoulder to recover faster or push yourself to do activities too soon.
  • Take vitamin E to help reduce adhesions, scarring and scar tissue from forming.
  • Free radicals can cause problems with healing so make sure you up your intake of vitamin C and bioflavinoids to help force them out of the body.
  • Take evening primrose oil. It has gamma-linolenic acid which helps to reduce inflammation .
  • Calcium and magnesium should be taken to help with tissue grown.
  • Comfrey can be taken to help reduce pain.
  • Make a horsetail tincture to help rebuild skin and encourage connective tissue repair.
  • Take a soothing back with rosemary, eucalyptus and horsetail to help reduce inflammation.
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