Treat Anorexia Naturally

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which patients have an intense fear of gaining weight. They will limit the amount of food they eat and become dangerously thin and malnourished. Often anorexia starts out as a harmless diet that becomes an obsession, affecting both the mind and body because of a distorted body image in which you see yourself as fat even while others are telling you that you are too thin. It often starts in the teen years and affects females far more than it affects males.


How can I tell if I have an anorexia?

  • Intense fear of gaining weight
  • Restricting food and food types
  • Weighing less than 85% of your expected body weight
  • Seeing yourself as overweight when you are underweight; having a distorted body image
  • Exercising too much
  • Being secretive about food
  • Breakdown of the enamel of the teeth from vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Thinning hair
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Shrunken breasts
  • Abnormal menstrual periods
  • Lower than normal body temperature
  • Low blood pressure
  • Food rituals
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings


How can I prevent anorexia?

If you are suffering from anorexia, seek professional help immediately.

The best way to prevent anorexia is to develop a healthy attitude towards diet, body image, and a healthy view of yourself. It is important to teach kids and young teens these same views.


How can I treat anorexia?

  • The most important part of treating anorexia is helping the patient understand their problem and begin to change their mental image of themselves.
  • Start with a diet of soft foods and fruit juices. These are easy to digest but full of nutrients.
  • Avoid highly processed foods, caffeine, white sugar and fried foods.
  • Work your way up to a balanced diet.
  • Eat oranges. They are easy to digest, full of nutrients and helps develop friendly bacteria.
  • Add small amounts of garlic to food. It helps to improve appetite.
  • Eat apples and apple products. These help to ease digestion.
  • Seek psychological treatment to help control your thoughts.
  • Work on gaining a healthy amount of weight the right way.
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