Treat Arteriosclerosis Naturally

Arteriosclerosis occurs when the arteries narrow or harden due to a build up of cholesterol. It is caused, in part, by age and in some cases gender  as men are at greater risk of developing arteriosclerosis than women. It is also caused, however, by poor lifestyle choices such as bad diet, smoking, excessive use of alcohol, and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Through a combination of medical treatment and lifestyle changes, however, you can control the damage done by arteriosclerosis and prevent future damage from occurring.


How do I know if I have a arteriosclerosis?

  • Chronic leg pain
  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of hair on legs and hands
  • Pain in the calves, thighs and feet
  • Difficulty sitting or sleeping
  • Numbness in the legs and feet


How can I prevent arteriosclerosis?

Though some factors leading to arteriosclerosis, such as age and gender, cannot be controlled, some can.

  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a diet low in saturated and hydrogenated fats
  • Limit your intake of processed foods and sugars
  • Avoid excessive coffee drinking; more than five cups a day can significantly increase your risk
  • Take steps to control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Manage your stress levels through massage, yoga, and deep breathing techniques


How can I treat arteriosclerosis?

  • Natural remedies for arteriosclerosis should be used in conjunction with medical care, not as a substitution. In some cases arteriosclerosis may require surgery.
  • Loosen up plaque in the arterial walls by drinking a mix of honey and lemon every evening.
  • Pineapple containes bromelain which helps to prevent blood clotting.
  • Capsicum found in most peppers helps improve circulation and control cholesterol.
  • Ginger is important in thinning blood and preventing clotting. Garlic provides similar benefits.
  • Gingko blob helps to control inflammation, increase blood flow and prevent clot formation. It also helps improve aterial elasticity and strength.
  • Green tea improves blood pressure and helps to flush out free radicals.
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