Treat Shoe Bite Naturally

Shoe bite is an all in one term for a myriad of foot problems brought on by ill-fitting shoes, including such things as shoe bite blisters, swelling and abrasions. New or tight shoes ‘bite’ the feet causing injuries that don’t just hurt when you stand or walk, they also leave blisters and abrasions that can scar and affect the overall appearance of your feet! The most common culprit is shoes that are too small and most commonly rub against the heel until the skin is raw and peeling or blistered. Because shoe size is not a static thing and can change as we go through life, even as adults, this can happen even with shoes that were fitting just a week ago! Water retention, weight gain and many other factors can affect shoe size and make shoes that normally fit way too small suddenly.

Because blisters are the most common symptom, shoe blister treatments focus on healing the blister. Remember, never pop a blister. Just cover it with a bandage if you have to wear shoes that may rub against it and let it deflate in its own time. Blisters and the fluid inside them create a special healing space for the skin that protects from bacteria. Popping it exposes newly forming skin to bacteria that can cause infection! Stay out of shoes with a back or with toes as much as you can until blisters heal completely. Take the time to prevent further shoe bites by stretching out the problem areas so your shoes fit again!

How do I prevent Shoe Bites?

  • Apply oil or vasoline to the edge of the shoe before wearing it to soften it until it is stretched out and adjusted to your foot.
  • Apply a bandage to your foot where the shoe rubs against it to help protect from friction burns and blisters.
  • Make sure you buy shoes that fit and are comfortable. Take your time when buying shoes and wear them for a while before you settle on a pair to buy.

What are the Symptoms of Shoe Bite?

  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Rash
  • Irritation

How do I treat Shoe Bite?

  • Wear a different pair of shoes while you stretch or get rid of the old pair! Don’t keep wearing the shoes that injured you while trying to heal.
  • Apply some aloe vera gel to your foot where a blister is forming. It will soothe the skin and help reduce inflammation.
  • A paste of rice flour and water will help to reduce inflammation.
  • Turmeric will also reduce inflammation and help to prevent scarring.
  • Wear open backed or open toed shoes to help healing.
  • Gently soothe the bite with an ice cube. It will reduce swelling and inflammation as well as reducing pain.
  • Mix olive oil and almond oil and apply to blisters in a gentle massaging motion.
  • Honey can be used to help heal skin and prevent scarring.
  • Coconut oil and camphor will help to blanch spots and heal scars.
  • Gently apply some lemon juice to help soothe itching.
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