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Guest Posting Guidelines:

  1. Quality Content: Only high quality content will be considered. Please make sure the content is thoughtful, accurate and interesting.
  2. Relevant Content: Please submit only relevant content. Only articles having to do with health, fitness, remedies, ailments and related will be considered. No excessive self promotion or affiliate products.
  3. Proper English: Please double check all spelling and grammar. If your article has excessive mistakes, we’ll probably not accept it.
  4. Links: Two links will be allowed per article. Link can be in content or at the bottom of the article. These are unpaid promotional links for the author or author publication.
  5. Keywords: Please provide 3-4 keywords which we can use for your article. These are for SEO purposes, to help search engines find your article for appropriate searches.
  6. Article Length: Articles should be between 500-1000 words. If its a little less or a little more that is okay as long as the content is of high quality.

To get started contact us using our contact form or send an email to robert (-at-) simpleremedies (-dotnet-) with a little information about yourself and at least 3 health related article ideas. We’ll review what you sent us and get back to you as quick as we can so you can begin writing articles for the site.


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